Sunday, August 24, 2014

Book Review:: One Lane Bridge

One Lane Bridge by Don Reid

This beautiful book's cover caught my eye.  Yes, that's right, I totally judged it by the cover.  I've just love a little country house plopped out in the middle of nowhere, what can I say?  Thankfully, all of those words between the covers kept me thoroughly entertained, reinforcing my track record for loving books with pretty artwork adorning them.

This story follows a fellow named J.D., who is heavily burdened with the stresses of life.  One evening, in an effort to relax his mind and calm his spirit, he takes a drive out in the country in his old convertible car.  Well, as old cars do, it overheated, stranding him on an unfamiliar country back road with no hope of any cell phone signal or passerby.  He hikes up a long driveway to the only house he can see to ask for help.  The family he meets there is destitute, with barely enough food, and an ailing mother.  The man of the house fetches some water from the well, helps J.D. get the car started back up, and sends J.D. on his way.  The plight of the family weighs heavily on J.D.'s heart, so the next day, he and his wife decide to revisit them with a carload of groceries.  Here's where the plot twists:  once they reached the spot where the driveway had been, there now stood a gas station.  J.D.'s wife is convinced that they've taken a wrong turn, but J.D. knows for certain that something far more supernatural was happening. 

Over the following hours, J.D. obsesses over this bizarre mental glitch, and manages to find the house once more on another solo drive, only to discover years have passed for the family, while only a day has passed for him.  J.D.'s wife and best friend are starting to worry that he's losing his mind, and he isn't too far from joining their sentiment.  The encounters he has with this family lead him to a strange woman in town, who helps him to locate relatives of the poor family.  What he discovers reveal to him the great providence of God, and His mercies and protection.  He begins to see how we're all connected, and how God always has His hand on our lives. 

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