Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Review:: Gone Girl

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a sweet friend Brooke's birthday girls'-night-in.  It was a blind book date!  Everyone who came brought a book to swap, which was to be wrapped with only a couple of words to describe the book on the authors or titles disclosed.  So much fun!

The book I chose is a Sophie Kinsella novel, which I'm very much looking forward to reading on our upcoming beach vacation!  My friend, Kendall, and I carpooled, and on the way home, after happily ripping open our books, she discovered she'd gotten Gone Girl.  She's read it once before, so we continued the swapping, and I took home Gone Girl, which she highly recommended!

My goodness, I loved it!  I'm beginning to notice a pattern in the books I prefer: they all switch between the first-person narratives of the primary protagonists (although, after reading Gone Girl, I'm thinking that antagonist would be the better descriptive for everyone in the book).  I honestly cannot tell you much about the plot of the book without giving too much away, but the gist is that it's a whodunit with devious, sinister twists and turns which always keep you guessing.  Nick Dunne's famous wife, Amy, disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary, apparently murdered, and all fingers point to him, but the evidence is contradictory and open to interpretation at best. And once the truth is revealed, it somehow gets even darker and scarier.  Not like boogey man in the woods scary.  Try psychotic scary.  Like, you end up having no idea whether you like a character at all, but you want to take their side anyway because the alternative is terrifying.

For those of you who like a warning, there is a fair amount of cursing sprinkled throughout, along with some pretty sadistic thoughts and actions.  But it IS a crime novel, revolving around scumbag people...sooo, that's to be expected.  If you love mysteries and thrillers, you'll love this book.  Just prepare to think, "WHAT?!" often.

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