Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bowling Date with My Kiddo

So, living in Oklahoma, the weather is absolutely unpredictable.  Last weekend, we spent the days outside enjoying nearly 70 degree weather.  This weekend...we literally have a sleet and snow thunderstorm happening as I type.  It's nuts.  And it makes it really hard to find things to do with Pooky so that we can get out of our house...otherwise known as the Den of Arguments.

As I'm sure many parents of too-smart-for-their-own-britches 7-year-olds can tell you, being trapped indoors with such a child, especially one who is the clone of yourself, can be a recipe for disaster.  I decided to load the kid and my mom up in the Jeep and do something fun instead of tempt turmoil.  We went bowling.

The ball return was quite the entertainment.

Gosh, Mom, do you have to document this whole day?

Stellar form...for Wyatt.
 I decided to just let Wyatt take the lead.  My mom doesn't bowl, but she totally cheered us on.  In the spirit of "just have fun," I gently showed Wyatt the suggested method of delivering his 6 lb ball down the lane, but didn't fuss too much when his actual mode of propulsion was far more loose an interpretation.  So long as he didn't look like he was going to hurt himself or anyone else, I just let him do his thing.  And Mom and I celebrated his efforts sincerely, and it was fun seeing him light up when he knocked down pins.  This particular bowling alley has retractable bumpers that go up and down according to whether each player needs them!

The laces matched my flamingo pants.  Fate, much?

 After ten frames, the game was over, and Wyatt was ready to head over to the arcade that sits adjacent to the alley.  Since we arrived at the alley first thing after they opened, we were still one of only a tiny handful of bowlers in the place, so we had every game in the arcade to ourselves!  I was honestly relieved Wyatt only wanted to play one game...I forgot that bowling requires exercise, and today being one day out from this excursion, I know now that the muscles required lie in your butt and lower back.  I'm old and achy.

This photo is courtesy of Mom...who was very comical while operating my camera.

Not too bad...okay, it is, but I haven't bowled in ages, and Wyatt's seven.

He loves race games.  I'm so not looking forward to Driver's Ed down the road.

Ticket Central....Skee Ball!

This kid was so pumped!  He won 100 tickets in all, and actually grabbed a ball out of the crane machine...he's freakishly good at those things!
When all was said and done, we'd spent about two hours at the bowling alley, and only spent $18, arcade included.  Taking our time, not having an agenda, and spending time together...could not have been a better day!

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