Saturday, January 11, 2014

Box Robot

I love projects that are fairly open-ended for Wyatt.  This little box robot was a good mix of follow-the-instructions and make-it-up-as-you-go.  We found it for him at Hobby Lobby when we were on our toy-free Christmas quest, although it just occurred to me that it ended up being a toy for all intents and purposes.  No taught him a little about electric motors and allowed him to be creative. 

Just a box.  Or, is it...?
 The assembly was actually quite simple, and I pretty much just let Wyatt do it all.  He didn't have enough muscle to wrench down the screws tight enough or slide the "feet" onto the axle, so I lent him my guns for those couple of things, but otherwise, he truly made it all on his own!

Connecting the battery wires to the motor wires.

Adding the motor cover and installing the battery.  I assisted in the placement of the motor plate into the box.

Now that all of the technical stuff was done, Wyatt's imagination was set free!  He put a lot of thought into the design of his robot, but in the end, decided to mimic the example provided on the instruction sheet.  Not an exact replica...he added his own flair.

After the robot was finally all decked out with bells and whistles (and knobs and levers), we finally got to set him loose!
It works!  And it's fast!
I just noticed they share the same gap in their upper front teeth.  How adorable.
Because I let him do most of the work, and because he enjoyed the design part so much, this little project took up about half an hour.  It was totally worth the $9 we spent on it! 

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  1. Love the open-ended play of this little robot but, I love the little gap in his smile the best!


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